Be The You Foundation

Be The You Foundation was founded in 2016 to help young needy and talented boys and girls pursue their education as they build on their talent in various sporting fields.The foundation concentrated mainly in slum area of Dandora in Nairobi, Kenya.

Before it was started, the founding members have been operating a football academy for both boys and girls between the ages of 8-18years (Daystar Soccer Academy).The Academy was founded in the year 2014 to nurture the football talents of the less fortunate but very talented boys and girls.Since its formation, the Academy has benefited over 100 players.

Why Dandora?

Dandora is one of the bigger slums in Nairobi city in Kenya. Being a slum, the poverty level is very high and most of the children there could not even afford to finance their basic education.These youths also face various challenges such as early pregnancies and early marriages, rape cases, school dropouts, drug abuse and higher crime rates.

The foundation decided to use sports platform in transforming the lives of these young boys and girls by sponsoring their education as they build on their sporting talents. It is a slum that has managed to produce some of the Kenya’s finest footballers.

Impacts of the Foundation

✓ The Foundation has managed to take over 30 girls who dropped out of school back to school through door to door campaign carried out by our able team.We have managed to pay their school fees and provided them with the essential basic needs such as sanitary towels, stationeries and uniforms, courtesy of our formidable well wishers.

✓ The foundation also conducts mentorship and guidance and counselling programmes in the slum so as to assist the youths in the area realize their dreams of becoming important people in the society.Through the programmes, most of them have chosen to live positive life thus making the society conducive to the upcoming minors.

✓ The foundation also has managed to secure scholarship programmes to these talented young boys and girls so as to pursue their education in various schools all over the country.

✓ Through the enrolment to the Soccer Academy of over 100 boys and girls, the crime rate and drug abuse has reduced drastically because these crimes have been associated with a lot of idleness in the community.

✓ The foundation runs a women football team (Dadstar Fc) which currently participates in the federation’s Regional League.The team has incorporated girls who have graduated from the foundation’s academy i.e from the junior age to the senior age category. The team has been a ladder for those with dreams of playing in the top flight leagues in the country including playing for the country’s National Women Football team.

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