About Us

We are the Love Still Lives Foundation. A registered non-profit organisation in Ghana, Accra. We serve and work with all people in dire and poverty-stricken situations through outreach and, we support them out of their situation through the work of our whole team. We support them with their crucial needs, and any emergency needs that could put their life in danger.



We support and empower them consistently through our mentorship system and wristband recognition system till they arrive into a position of independence and success. We are a truly passionate and compassionate team, with a strong love for the loss, the homeless, the disabled, the sexually exploited, the street children, the single mothers on the street, the labour trafficked and the poor. These are benefarcies. We work day and night towards the fulfilment of our vision and mission as a foundation and as a team.

Our goal is to provide an outreach service to support the poor in all communities i.e. – rural and the slums in the cities through food, mentorship, educational and employment opportunities.To implement a mentoring system for all the benefarcies we have outreached.

Each team member of the Love Still Lives Foundation will befriend two benefarcies at a time.To provide personal development workshops and projects for our benefarcies.To provide educational support for our benefarcies who lack the financial means or are illiterate.To provide financial assistance for personal training programmes to our benefarcies so they become more financially independent.To provide medical care through collaborating with health care professionals, hospitals and health centres.To provide a 24/7 counselling service/mental health service within the day centre to tackle mental health issues and the root problems of our benefices.

Meet Our Team


Nelson Mandela ones said “Poverty is not an accident like slavery and apartheid, it is made and can be removed by the actions of Human beings” let join heart & hands together and eradicate poverty. YES WE CAN, with GOD all things are possible.



With over 4 years experience in outreach, working with the homeless, margalized, domestic violence survivors, cancer survivors and children in education. Hold a Bsc. in Social Work. She wants to be a light to the hopeless, a hand to the poor, and a heart to the broken. To be a part of transforming and liberating the poorest lives out of their hardship.



Dynamic and Love driven, she desires a globe where Love who died for humanity is reflected. A discipline and hardworking generation to lay hold of the world’s kingly dominion, breaking the yoke of poverty. She is an individual studying international business BSc in NHL Stenden University of applied science.



She has over 4 years experience as a receptionist. This gave her the opportunity to meet different people with different backgrounds and it has been a wonderful experience. She hopes to bring this experience into her role in the Love Still Lives Foundation.



A student of the University of Ghana. She is a young lady who believes in serving others and making an impact in their lives. “To make an impact or serve others you don’t have to have it all, the little help you can offer may go a long way to help someone. Monetary terms are not the only way I can impact others live, with my efforts and my time I can make huge impact.”


Nicholas Asamoah

A student and a trader/Business person. This opportunity could help him to exhibit and grow his love to every individual. Being part of it has really increased him, concerning empathy and compassion for another.


Afia Adubea
Adu Labi

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Student at Accra technical university offering science laboratory technician course. She joined love still lives because she loves giving and touching the lives of people who are less privileged. 


Peprah Koranteng

A 22 year-old student who has an ardent desire to help others. Having had my own share of life’s greatest hurdles, I’ve always seen the need to lend a helping hand, in any way possible, to people who may need me.


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Love Still Lives Foundation is a nonprofit public charity (tax ID: C0018727565).